Gives Generica 93% Rating Plus More Press

Generica was recently reviewed by They were awesome enough to publish the review on 2 other music websites: and

We are honored, flattered, and pumped up by this feature but more importantly by Rick’s words.

It’s great to know that 5 years later, Generica is still relevant. I consider timelessness a great quality to hold onto when creating music.

The BUNKS: “Generica,” A Subtle Lyrical Tirade Of HipHop Awareness via

BUNKS Review on Jamsphere

BUNKS: “Generica,” Laced With Fiery Socially Conscious Messages via

BUNKS Review on ReviewIndie

BUNKS: “Generica,” An Album Full Of Explicit Revolutionary Enlightenment via

BUNKS Review on Soundlooks


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