“BUNKS puts a magnifying glass over the overlooked.” –Holly Strickland,

“When a group is able to create something that is bigger than themselves it gives them lasting power and the ability to stick together through the ups and downs of a music career.” –Keith Profeta,

“Amidst the flashy dashy, bling bling materialist, candy coated I wanna be a thug hip hop, the BUNKS’ call to action couldn’t come at a better time. The hard hitting and crowd moving “Generica,” is a subtle lyrical tirade of  hip-hop awareness. Laced with fiery socially conscious messages, banging bass lines, and revolutionary themes, the album is almost enough to single-handedly kill off closed-minded elitist cultures.” –Rick Jamm,


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BUNKS Review on IndieReview

Out of the rough, comes this polished diamond of a group. BUNKS has brought a new sound; one that needs to be heard by all those who love music that makes you move… What was most surprising to me; for one of the first times; I wanted to listen to the words and not just the beat. Each song was a new experience and I have noticed the range these guys’ posses. It is a force to be reckoned with. J. Gro & J. Smo have unique, distinct voices that just work. The flow of the songs has been selected perfectly. A perfect duo that is in it to win! This has just become my new favorite CD, and I’m sure it will be yours too. –Shexy, music lover

Unlike most commercial rap music and its profanity-laden jabbering about thug life and violence, this record is actually relatable for a Tennessee hillbilly, with songs about crusin’ around the Tennessee backroads, improving American society and the struggles and joys of being a parent… The artists touch on consumerism, chemical dependency, obesity, materialism and other social observations multiple times, and the themes tie the record together and let us know these guys are about more than making cool beats… Also the album’s very inspirational for an expecting father to hear. –Bracken Mayo, Murfreesboro Pulse