Mr. P Chill Searches For An Equilibrium


Equilibrium by Mr P Chill Mr. P Chill recently made a stop at The Brew in Manchester during his National Pastime Tour with DJ Nocturnal and Cleen.

Of course we were there to open up, but more importantly we received CDs from all the artists for free!

I have been bumping Equilibrium for a while. Mad respect to P Chill.

It feels really good to feel like a fan of someone else’s music again.

Mr. P Chill is a 20+ year veteran to the indie hip hop scene. Based in Sacramento, he performs with his band Trunk of Funk on the regular, but he also self-books his own tours and hits the road quite often.

Just off a month long tour of the U.S., he is already working on another short tour of the West Coast followed up by a week long stretch bouncing through the Southeast region.

With that said, this man stays busy. He also has his own label, MPC Recordings, and I heard he runs his own digital distribution company.

In the spirit of classic hip hop acts such as Public Enemy (and everything great about the beginning and golden eras of urban music), P Chill stands for the common man in a world where the controllers of this planet seem to care more about their things than they do about us.

Chill is Hip Hop culture bundled up into one man. Standing tall above the rest.

This is Hip Hop your parents and grandparents would proudly bump so when you grab a copy, get some extra for the family.

Be sure to peep the knowledge dropped in Wake Our Sleepigng Giant. The entire album is packed full of this goodness.

Mr P Chill (and his crew) is a breath of fresh air to Hip Hop and music in general.

This is music that matters. This is music that means something. This is Hip Hop.

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