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Generica by BUNKS

BUNKS find themselves stuck in Generica, “home of the greedy, take-it-all, without no fail/it’ll cost you a dollar just to in and exhale”.

Addiction, obesity, consumerism, and ignorance plague a world “where every city looks the same” and this album is a release as well as a BUNKS analysis of the trials and tribulations surrounding the human species (as well as BUNKS themselves) as it continues consuming itself into destruction.

Also features the hit single “Coffee Flavored Memories”, an ode to the great land known as Coffee County where Joshua (Smo) and Joshua (Gro) first met and set this movement into motion. 100% of sales of ‘Coffee Flavored Memories’ goes directly to the Hillsboro Community Backpack Program which helps feed hungry children in the community.

BUNKS is an acronym: Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge and Sound. They are from Manchester, Tennessee. written by J.Smo, J.Gro, and DJ / produced by J.Smo and J.Gro / Reality appears on tracks 2 and 5 / recorded at One Mic Studios, TN

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“Amidst the flashy dashy, bling bling materialist, candy coated I wanna be a thug hip hop, the BUNKS’ call to action couldn’t come at a better time. The hard hitting and crowd moving “Generica,” is a subtle lyrical tirade of hip-hop awareness. Laced with fiery socially conscious messages, banging bass lines, and revolutionary themes, the album is almost enough to single-handedly kill off closed-minded elitist cultures.” –Rick Jamm,

Want a CD?