This BUNKSperience Lights A Fire Inside To Change Attitudes

BUNKSperienceEver wonder what Simon & Garfunkel on crunk juice ridin’ around in an ‘82 Cutlass with the Beastie Boys sounds like?

Manchester, Tennessee hip hop collective BUNKS want you to find out so jump in the back of the Cutlass, roll down the windows, and let your stress go as we cruise along this BUNKSperience.

It’s 2012 and the world is in disarray. Multinational corporations and international banking cartels have religious zealots going nuts over conspiracy theories about globalization, esoteric agendas, and extra-terrestrial lifeforms.

BUNKS were writing songs about all of this years ago…so what are they doing now? “We’re changing diapers, paying bills, and making music,” replies J.Gro. “We had to step away from all the drama and write some feel-good music. Some set-your-soul-free type of music. That’s what you’ll find on this BUNKSperience,” J.Smo continues.

This is the soundtrack for rolling down your windows, cranking up the volume, and cruising through the rolling hills into the sunset. This is the sound of your stress being released into the cool Appalachian breeze. Sit back, listen, and know everything will be all right.

Tracks of note include ‘Fire Inside of Me’, ‘La Dee Da’, ‘Change the Attitude’, and ‘We Do This For’. This is the first time BUNKS have used outside production since 2004, including instrumentals from Tennessee talents Bill Breeze, DJ No Love, Atlas Street Music Factory, and South Carolina’s Truescribe.

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