BUNKS is a hip hop group from Manchester, Tennessee that began making music in 1999.

BUNKS is a philosophy:  Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge and Sound.

Joshua and Joshua, aka J.Smo and J.Gro, first met in Hillsboro, TN when the powers that control the universe threw them into the same 5th grade class. After many years of mischief, adolescence, and great as well as not-so-great experiences, the duo began releasing music in 1999 under their own imprint, BUNKS Muzak! which later transitioned into BUNKS Multimedia when they began working with other artists in the Middle Tennessee music community.

J.Smo is currently in Sacramento, California working on new projects as well as working with Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution, LLC. The duo continues making music thanks to the wonders of technology. Both have solo projects in the works.

We follow our own path, stay true to our vision, and share all we can with those who ride with us.  We are artists navigating our way through the music industry, not artists made by the industry.  We vow to stay true to ourselves and never to compromise our values.  We vow to stay independent and to work towards improving and expanding the music scene and music industry in our community in order to provide more opportunities for our people.

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